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90% of the information processed by the human brain is visual. Transforming complex messages, visualise data in an engaging way, or simply bringing abstract ideas to life. These are the bedrocks of animated infographic videos, with the power to excite, rationalise, and supercharge share . We’ve created video infograhics for national and global brands like TrustTech, Salamander, and an award winning series for The British Library

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3 quick tips to get you started

1. Getting the voiceover right

Most video infographics use voiceovers to help convey their ideas, and to simultaneously appeal to aural learners. When listening to potential voiceover artists, it's easy to get overwhelmed by choice. Try to avoid wanting to appeal to everyone and going for a very formal tonality. This can quickly date your content and easily come across as “stuffy”. This is your chance to sound like a real human business.

2. Pacing

Video infographics are powerful weapons when it comes to conveying lots of information in a short period of time. But be careful. With attention spans ever decreasing, especially online, its tempting to cram, cram, cram. Make sure someone times it carefully during the scripting stage and leaving breathing space.

3. Invest in the right steps

Although long gone are the days of moving your designs by hand, one frame at a time, animating things through 2D and 3D space in a computer still takes time and careful skill. It's critical that you go through the proper steps in pre-production to make sure you know exactly what you’re going to get. Little tweaks are all part of the process, but major changes too late in the day can be costly.

Motion graphics showreel

Have a look at a variety of video infographics in action.

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