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Animation includes a whole world of creative executions. Our animation studio has all the bases covered, producing CGI, stop frame, 2D and 3D motion graphics, infographics and kinetic typography. We’ve worked with clients that range from British Library, Deutsche Bank, Regus to Coca Cola. Whatever the style, we help our clients use animation to tell compelling and engaging stories that stand out. But we also go a step further. We work with our clients to get the most value from their animation assets, helping them to integrate them strategically and tactically into the marketing mix.

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Top 3 Tips for working with an animation studio:

Getting the brief right

Any good animation studio should really help you hone this down and understand what you need the animation to achieve. It’s temping to rush into the creative stage. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve come with something specific in mind, or you’re open to ideas, animation needs careful thinking upfront. Knowing your objectives is critical. To help you start this process we’ve created a brief template that you can download here.

The importance of sign off

Whether its CGI or hand drawn animation, the process an animation studio goes through requires careful sign off stages along the way. It’s an iterative process and so signing off at key steps (scripting, asset design, storyboarding, animatics…) safe guards the creative vision and, just as importantly, keeps the timeline on track. Make sure you include all your key stakeholders along the way.

Sound design is everything

It’s an ingredient that can easily be overlooked. But sound design has the power to elevate and completely transform your animation. Sound design helps to add impact to movement and to give weight and texture to objects. It injects personality and makes the audiovisual feast all the more delicious. Don’t make it an after thought!


To see a whole host of our videos in action, have a look at our showreel below, or take a look at our portfolio for more examples of animation.

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