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Businesses of all shapes and sizes are using video to engage with their stakeholders. For less the price of a company brochure you can access this powerful storytelling tool and use it across the huge range of available channels. Aspect is skilled in creating engaging corporate stories that will clearly articulate your offering and help you build the trust of your key audiences. Every business has a story to tell - let us help you tell yours.

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Top 3 Tips for Business Video production:

Think like a marketer

If you take a step back and think like a marketer you will get a much clearer picture of what you are trying to achieve with your business video. – a video that is not bogged down with unnecessary content, or one that is 10 minutes long that no-one has time to watch.

Consider multiple outputs

Most people don’t have time to watch a 10-minute video. If you have a lot to say break it up into bite-sized chunks and you can target your audience with precision. It can be just as economical to create two or three bite-sized chapters rather than one long drawn out film and, more importantly, it is more engaging for your audience.

Make the most of behind the scenes

Capturing the action behind the scenes can be a powerful tool to engage your audiences, especially an internal one. Capturing informal footage of key personalities, bloopers and other ‘previously unseen’ action can be used to share your company values with informality and draw your audience deeper into your story.


To see a whole host of our business video production, and to get a feel for what’s possible, have a look at our showreel:

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