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Fundraising, education and increasing awareness all rely on compelling storytelling. Charity videos should tell your unique story in a way that provokes action and inspires positive change. In a charity video there is the opportunity to emotively engage the viewer as well as presenting evidence and influencial information.

Charity videos may include: a charity profile video, video testimonials, expert interviews, case studies and an inspiring call to action. Once you have your compelling video, it's what you do with it next that really counts...

How can I use use a charity video?

  • On your website (the video optimised for Google search)
  • As part of a campaign microsite that provides supporting material
  • The video could be sent as part of an e-marketing campaign
  • Seeding the video in social network groups and related forums

What's the impact?

  • Raise awareness of your cause by reaching more people
  • Demonstrate the value of your work/campaign
  • Generate an emotional connection with your charity
  • Accessiblity – video appeals to a very broad demographic
  • Encourage support from online viewers

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