Digital distribution

There’s never been a better time to make and distribute brand, product, and customer films for free, but your audience will not activate without the right content and messages. So we see the relationship between digital environment and filmmaking only moving closer together
to optimise impact and cut through.

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Social / trending

We love the web, but it’s a turbulent place; perception of content can shift from hot to cold in days, hours, even minutes. Spotting these trends and getting amongst the action isn’t something you learn from a book - making the most of social networks is about being social! This means more than the odd post about what you’ve been up to; it’s about engagement, making real connections, and having fun.

Aspect works with you to create social content that brings personality to your brand, responding to trends with relevant content, as they are happening.

Content marketing

SEO is a constantly evolving practice, and as Google and other search engines refine their search tools and algorithms, the emphasis has shifted from ‘tricks of the trade’ to a simple, honest approach - creating great, valuable content. Sure, you have to optimise, but more than ever before content really is king, and video is top of the rich media pile.

Earned media is vital to organically seed your messages but is deeply enhanced by paid for media. Aspect understand and operate within both these fields and can help you make the right choices.

Interactive design and build

So... rich, valuable content is where it’s at, and there are some great tools to help you get out there and be seen. But what about point of delivery? Intelligent, responsive GUI is essential in catering for different devices, and a strategic approach to user interaction helps to avoid one-hit-wonders and keep people coming back for more.

Film is far more than a luxury add-on; Aspect know how to enhance point of delivery to add real context, bringing film to the forefront of the user experience.

Strategic Production Planning

We place film at the heart of communications strategy, where a filmic brand DNA informs core creative, tone of voice and visual identity. Unitary outputs have their place, but Aspect can help you get more out of film. We employ strategic production planning to deliver a suite of filmic content that shapes and compliments your long-term communications strategy, bringing an over-arching narrative to your brand.

Our digital offer revolves around this core strategic philosophy; using the best tools and innovations to tell your story, support your existing online presence, and guide you into new territory.

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