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We’re an innovative video and content marketing agency with global clients. This basically means we do three things:

Full production services

First of all we create video productions - creative scripting, shooting, editing, graphics, music etc - for clients all over the world. We use cutting edge technology to deliver the great production quality and creativity that underpins all our work. But we don’t stop there... Get a flavour for our work, have a look at our latest showreel.

Video Campaign development

The best films come from the best ideas – and the best ideas come from great insight. We work hard to ‘get you’ and translate that into powerful brand equities, and in turn compelling ideas that feed campaigns across all mediums, especially beautiful films.

Strategic & tactical use of video

We can also help you get the most value out of your video assets from a strategic and tactical perspective. This can range from broad advice - how video can be used most effectively within your wider marketing objectives, to more specific tactical uses such as Video SEO, interactive content, measurement, video ad units, social media and viral content.


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Video Case Studies

Video Case Studies tell compelling client success stories with massive credibility.
A good Video Case Study production helps to substantiate your product or service and makes what you do tangible. If you thought that written case studies were persuasive marketing tools, Video Case Studies blow them out of the water.

Interactive Marketing DVD or Video

An Interactive Marketing Video is a versatile way of telling your marketing messages in a way that puts the viewer in control. Content is often broken down into sections that the viewer can select from the interactive DVD menu or web player. Whether the content includes a Company Overview video, Video Case Studies or Video Testimonials, an Interactive Marketing Video is the perfect vehicle for delivery.

Recruitment Video

It’s all about telling your company story in a way that will attract the right calibre of candidate. Recruitment Videos help to make your company tangible to prospective new recruits. A Recruitment Video production can help top address many of the FAQ’s people will have about your business (culture, atmosphere, opportunities etc).

Online Web Marketing Videos

There are many different applications for Online Web Marketing Videos, each with their own objectives. You can discover more about Web Videos on this site – such as Video Testimonials, Video Case Studies, Webcasts etc. Aspect specialise in getting your Web Video online in a way that is fast, easy and at the highest quality.

Franchise Videos

Finding and gaining new franchisees can be very time consuming. Franchise Videos are a very effective way of presenting the opportunity and demonstrating a proven track record. Franchise Videos are often interactive, splitting content into shorter sections. This allows the viewer to feel in control and pick out the most relevant information to them.

Charity Videos

Fundraising, educating people and raising awareness all rely on compelling story telling. Charity Videos tell your unique story in a way that provokes action and engages people. No matter what your challenges you can harness the power of a Charity Video production to have a greater impact. Charity Videos may include: a charity profile, testimonials, expert interviews, Video Case Studies and an inspiring call to action.

School or University Prospectus Videos

An Interactive Prospectus Video will bring your School, College or University to life. A Prospectus Video Production will give viewers a virtual experience – a chance to explore the things that make you different. Prospectus Video content may include: sound bites from students/staff, a virtual tour of your facilities, curriculum information, an interactive map, and footage that captures the atmosphere and personality of the school

Video Newsletters

Video Newsletters dramatically increase click-through and engagement with your content. As more and more companies use traditional e-newsletters, it has never been more important to find new ways of cutting through and standing out. Video Newsletter content might include: Video Case Studies, CSR messages, Video Testimonials and staff news.

Internal Communications Video

Change, awareness, new initiatives, staff engagement, brand redirection - video and multimedia has a perfect fit with many internal communication strategies. Whether on a DVD, microsite or intranet, video helps drive much higher levels of engagement through creative implementation.

Email Marketing Videos

Email marketing is not a new thing, but when you integrate video into your campaign you dramatically increase both your click through rate and your level of engagement. When using video as part of a recent email marketing campaign we’ve seen a click through rate of over 50% (compare to average 3.3% click through of written email marketing campaigns).

Training Videos

Training Videos and DVDs save companies considerable time and resources. They often take the form of: product or software demonstrations, Health and Safely, new service initiatives, and online Webcasts. Good Training Video productions should be engaging, easy to follow and most importantly – memorable.

Video Webcasts

Combining all the personality of a face-to-face presentation with the functionality and flair of a multimedia presentation, Webcasts enhance the way you deliver information online. Webcast content can vary hugely, but often takes the form of product demonstrations, staff training, online presentations, and industry news.

Corporate Video

Aspect Film and Video is one of the UK's leading suppliers of Corporate Video production. We believe in high-production values and a thorough creative approach to scripting. Corporate Video has sometimes suffered from a lack of quality and creativity. We believe that a Corporate Video production should enhance and integrate with your wider marketing mix and that high quality is a given.

Video Testimonials

A Video Testimonial production will showcase a selection of your clients giving positive accounts of you and your business. Video Testimonials provide evidence and capture genuine moments of enthusiasm, gratitude and praise. When it comes to enhancing your credibility, Video Testimonials leave written testimonials behind. Complete with your branding, a Video Testimonial will reflect the quality of your business.

Conference Videos

A Conference Video production can increase the overall impact of your event. Whatever messages you need to communicate to your audience, a conference video will do so with the highest levels of engagement. There is no better way to provide evidence and communicate change to your audience.

Exhibition Videos

Exhibition Videos are a fantastic way to grab attention and get across key information quickly at an exhibition. Playing your Exhibition Video on a plasma or projector will transform your stand and bring it to life. Your Exhibition Video may feature Product Demonstrations, a Video Case Study or Company Overview.

Demo Videos

A Demo Video Production allows you to show your product or service in action. Whether training staff or making a product tangible to a prospect, a Demo Video can show the viewer each step. Whether using graphics, animated diagrams, slow motion footage or a presenter, you can choose the best ingredients to help showcase your product.

Software Demo Video

A Software Demo Video allows you to show your software in action. Whether viewed via DVD or an Online Video Player – it makes training and demonstrating benefits easy. Software Demo Videos can take the viewer through the software step-by-step or focusing on key features and benefits. Using a combination of graphics, screen capture, voice-over or a presenter, you can make it easy for the viewer to engage and understand.

Brand Video

Your brand is your company identity; its what makes you different, it separates you from the competition. A Brand Video will help tell your brand story. It will audio- visually bring your brand to life and convey your values and qualities. Whether played via your website, or at exhibitions and presentations – a Brand Video will grab attention and firmly establish you as a business.