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Online video has revolutionised the way companies communicate with their customers and consumers engage with brands. Creating some video content that's compelling to your target audience is the first step. But just as importantly, how you then use that marketing asset is what makes all the difference. Simply putting video on your website or on YouTube should just be one of many steps and considerations.

Online video can be applied in many ways - from video banners, video case studies and viral marketing, product and software demos, video packshots and many more.

What can online video do for me?

  • Improve SEO for your site/content. Google values video content!
  • Make your site more ‘sticky’
  • Interactive video increases dwell time and engagement
  • It’s measurable! Metrics will help you tweak your content so its truly effective and delivers a return
  • Meet demand: video is the preferred online medium of communication Give your customers what they’re looking for

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