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The right recruitment video will help attract the right calibre of candidate to your business. What is your company culture? What are the opportunities and rewards? What is the atmosphere like? These are some of the questions a good recruitment film can answer. As well as being an influential tool when attracting prospective employees, the videos often work well as part of inductions and training.

Delivering a recruitment video interactively via a DVD or online player is a great way of conveying a number of key messages in a modular, 'easy to view' way.

How can I use a recruitment video?

  • Recruitment presentations or events
  • On DVD as a giveaway/information pack
  • Part of an induction/training session
  • As a resource for University Careers Centres
  • On an interactive page of your website

What's the impact?

  • Demonstrates your company values and culture
  • Brings your company to life
  • Conveys the rewards and opportunities
  • Attracts compatible applicants
  • Helps you to stand out from competing employers

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