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Whether you have a twitter feed, facebook page or fully integrated social media strategy, you need great content to share and tweet about.

Social media relies on the connections and conversations that surround engaging online content. Video is the preferred vehicle for this infuential content. You can create video assets that will help you connect and start conversations about you and your brand. It could include your "top ten tips", a free guide, demonstration, review or case study. Whatever your video content, it shouldn't aim to sell, instead it should offer some social currency, valuable info or new ideas to the viewer.

How can I use social media video?

  • Via twitter, facebook and other social media platforms
  • To form content for a viral marketing campaign
  • As part of an email campaign to a database or subscribers
  • As rich content on your own website

What's the impact?

  • Make connections with a broader online audience and raise awareness of your brand
  • Improve dwell time on your website
  • Increase followers and subscribers
  • Could improve SEO

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