• Adam Etheridge
    Executive Director

    Adam Etheridge

    Adam started the company in 2005 and has developed a clear and unique position. Traditionally there are Marketing Agencies who offer video but who are not video specialists, and then there are Production Companies who make videos but don't work in marketing. Aspect has been built to fill that gap - offering the best of production, and helping clients apply it to get amazing results.

  • David Watson
    Executive Creative Director

    David Watson

    David joined Adam in those early days as the creative driving force behind Aspect. Our creative ideas are always defined by real marketing objectives, audience insights and a desire to stand out from the norm.

    This quote is scribbled on David's desk: "The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas, and throw the bad ones away" ~Linus Pauling.

  • Kim Cox
    Senior Production Manager

    Kim Cox

    Overseeing the day to day running of projects – from production logistics to budgets and timings.

    Kim earned her spurs as a Production Coordinator for both Aardman and the BBC. Keeping Aspect projects running like a Swiss watch, Kim is unflappable and manages complex foreign location shoots with the same efficiency and enthusiasm as a pack shot shoot in our own studio.

  • Sam Haire

    Sam Haire

    Developing unique and exciting ideas for video, Sam joined the Aspect creative team after working at the BBC and completing a Masters in Film and Television production.

    A filmmaker at heart, Sam began making films at a young age and has always had a passion for visual storytelling. His award winning short films have been recognised by various film festivals including the BFI.

  • Steve Hall
    Group Creative Director

    Steve Hall

    Prior to working with us, Steve created and ran his own very successful advertising agency Rhythmm, before gracing Bray Leino with his creatively knowledgeable presence. He has worked with brands such as, AXA, Bridgestone, Cadbury and Legal and General and continues to bring a huge amount of creative input to projects here at Aspect.

  • Thom Heald

    Thom Heald

    Camera and lighting

    Thom joined Aspect after honing his skills as a freelance cameraman in Australia and Japan, shooting with Ripcurl and the ASP World Tour. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Thom has shot in every condition from blizzards to sun-baked deserts. He is prepared to do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot.

  • Stuart Humphrey
    Editor and Motion Graphics

    Stuart Humphrey

    Video editing, motion graphics and compositing.

    Having been freelance for a number of years, doing everything from web to print, motion graphics and beyond (plus a lot of skiing), Stuart has finally found a full time position with Aspect following his true passion in motion graphics. Stuart has picked up a lot of his skills through design internships at the likes of Shaw and Skerm and You Know in London.

  • Adam Monk
    Editor and Motion Graphics

    Adam Monk

    Video editing, motion graphics and colour grading.

    Since joining Aspect, Adam has been busy creating brilliant character led animations. Previously he worked as a Digital Designer for a video mapping company. The client projects he worked on included Hilton, BENQ and Chanel – making good use of his 3D skills.

  • Alice Panerai

    Alice Panerai

    Alice has a broad background in film production and visual development. She joined Aspect after nine years working in feature animations (Aardman Animations and Sony Imageworks).

    Alice works on creatively shaping projects by perfectly tuning into brand personalities.

  • Iain Pillinger
    Editor and Motion Graphics

    Iain Pillinger

    After achieving a 1st in VFX at university, Iain went on to gain some experience at Future Publishing doing motion graphics for various projects including the T3 Awards.

    Since working at Aspect, Iain has worked on a wide variety of creative projects, from Clarks to Starwood.

  • George Shipley
    Account Director

    George Shipley

    Helping clients to produce and deploy video marketing effectively. Offering strategic advice and making sure clients get the most value from video.

    George came to Aspect having already set up and run GDS Films where he produced a huge range of online video content. He’s a big hit with clients who’re looking for someone to guide them through the production process and beyond.

  • Robert Swansbury-Hogg
    Editor and Motion Graphics

    Robert Swansbury-Hogg

    Video editing, motion graphics and colour grading.

    Cutting his teeth in video production at Kent based animation company, Cognitive Media, Rob helped the fledgeling company win a number of awards including a Cannes Media Award in 2011. Soon after Rob moved to the South West where he worked freelance for a number of video production and design companies in Bristol before jumping ship to Aspect.

  • Steve Watson
    Senior Editor

    Steve Watson

    Video editing, sound design and colour grading.

    Steve always looks for a fresh and unique way to tell the story he’s working on. His creativity has been instrumental on many of our biggest clients including Powerade and Microsoft.

  • Nick Wilding

    Nick Wilding

    Pre-production and camera assistant.

    A Bristol Uni Film & Theatre graduate, Nick is often travelling, shooting beautiful images of glamorous people in glamorous hotels around the world. When back on terra firma he keeps everything running smoothly back here at Aspect HQ.

  • Manuel


    Manuel is responsible for making sure the Aspect team are well protected from unwanted guests.

    He joined the company not long ago after many years of experience working for MI5 and MI6. He is a valued member of our team and as you can see from the photo, he will go to extreme lengths to keep us safe from harm.

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