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At an important conference or business event, a conference video is a great asset for grabbing attention and making a positive impact. Whether the conference is an opportunity to make new contacts and uncover new business opportunities, or an internally focused occasion, you often have limited time to make an impression and deliver important messages.

A conference video can quickly convey your messages and engage your audience. Conference videos can deliver evidence of success, messages of change or the wow factor you need to grab attention and kick things off!

How can I use a conference video?

  • On your stand (plasma screens and video walls)
  • As a punchy introduction to a speaker
  • On the big screen
  • On a DVD or USB stick to accompany a "conference pack"

What's the impact?

  • Turn a traditional conference presentation into something dynamic and memorable
  • Stand out from the noise of competitors
  • The perfect medium to communicate key messages and engage attendees

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